Canal of Memory

November 19, 2009
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The Foss Dyke canal, an ancient waterway, working once as a supplier of needs, it features as part of liquid history. Science, Art, Historical and Ecological plans to undertake an inquiry along the path Foss Dyke Canal.

The water is co-ordinated with a view to introducing local people (and others) back to the world of process to teach a better understanding of the history and context of this historic waterway. An exhibition of creation displayed in locations along the rivers of recollection, Saxilby and Lincoln itself, together with outdoor events taking place on the Brayford Pool and along the Canal. Walk along the water’s edge and become linked to other arts events in Stoke on Trent and in Liverpool using the canal waterways via the tidal river Trent. It is hoped that a barge with “artists in residence” will sail along the route of intellect, initiating contemporary events and encouraging the local communities to engage with and celebrate these ancient waterways


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