All Turn Native short film

June 24, 2011
in Category: Decimal Place, Process or Progress?
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All turn native, is a play on the word alternative and the piece is based round an interview done for the TapeNoise series on London Radio station Resonance104.4 FM, about alternative energy.

The film is largely composed of clips taken by different people of TapeNoise performances, performance being an essential measure of electronic apparatus. These are superimposed into several layers that each represent different perspectives on a similar subject, different views that often conflict. For example the way that environmental views might not fit in with economic policies, they jar in the same way that the layers of imagery merge in the video, whilst other ideas can get lost in the background.

The sources used for the piece are mixed with footage of willow harvesting, short rotation willow coppice is a source of renewable energy used to produce carbon neutral electricity. The film explores the contemporary value landscape and the prominence of associated technologies that determine our everyday existence.

TapeNoise uses sound and image, performance and found objects in an examination of the ongoing conflicts between order and chaos, entropy and evolution, events which shape both the individual and the social realm.


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