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May 29, 2009
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The way that minds have connected is one of the most important mechanisms by which culture has evolved, the digital realm with all its social networks of communication is a change that has huge consequences, the ways in which our capitalist culture has been changed by multinational interaction is as immense as any question could be. We can try to envisage how significant it is in terms of how we develop as a social entity but we can only point in the general direction. Literal interpretation does not satisfy, we must instead proceed to parody or a play just to make even a minor point.

Capitalism describes a mechanism of monetary exchange but actually it is a process that determines our every thought, through it control of the data available to us but if we think of a market or a festival like Glastonbury then this is in fact more of a capitalist space than the predominantly Corporate one that exists now. The supermarket chain and the department store has transformed the point of value exchange into something quite different. A highly regulated space that is bound to influence the way that everything will evolve. Every space where this kind of transaction takes place is slowly being transformed by a strict code of conduct and economies of scale mean that small individual outlets and outlooks cannot compete. Like an endangered species of animal they only inhabit the remnants of ancient forest or city.


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