May 13, 2009
in Category: Process or Progress?
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Interest in the idea of process, a process a procession of events, time itself is a process of decay and entropy, social systems are processes of social interaction, and procrastination. A political process arises like mist over a pond, it tries to distribute resources amongst the population in such a way that we dont go to war with each other and modern capitalism is itself a process where money is shifted around an economic system like a large slot machine, it prevails because despite its obvious failings, it seems to work better than a system of complete chaos and chance.

This system has evolved due to our abilities to use concepts to order things, the economy is itself a concept, money is not really worth anything it is only a promise of value and values structure our existence and our civilization and thats why its important to know what a value system is. This process evolves along with our understanding, listening to any synthesized pieces of music or sound, you will be taken through a process and that is what they are about and why they do not follow conventional musical rules.


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