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May 14, 2009
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There is a kind of ethics that must be employed when constructing sounds on a synthesizer, you can use the presets as a reference if the synth has them, in fact many people only ever use presets but the biggest challenge is to make up a sound from scratch.

Presets are interesting though because they could be thought of as principles that were established at the time of manufacture and design but it must not be forgotten that these preset principles become dated after a while, although they can then undergo a revival at some further point in time if they are good enough.

Perhaps we could extend this analogy into our culture as a whole, where this relationship exists at a municipal level, like a city of preset architecture or something? Or even a political system that relies totally on preset ideas instead of creating anything new.

This idea of ethics of synthesized sound is intriguing because of the process of building up a sound from the oscillators on offer, which might sound rather brash on their own, they can be modulated through filters and adsr envelopes,

you can then apply effects on top of that if you so desire, its one way of learning about ethics as the behaviour of sound waves does a good impression of erratic human behaviour, that must be steered in a creative rather than an oppressive manner.

We should be asking why it is that we like certain things all the time, if we are to take notice of the consequences of things.

The sounds made as part of this novel might be remixed by someone in a very complimentary fashion, or they might be ripped off and completely plagiarised unsympathetically, again a kind of ethics comes into play.

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