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July 20, 2010
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Anti-celebrity activity. Making tapes in todays hyper information hierarchy is quite obviously a backward irrational ambition, however bear in mind that all the technological creations that we rely on day to day have resulted from some kind of idiosyncratic and eccentric invention or discovery, behaviour that would most certainly be classed as ‘disorderded’ by modern mental standards.

Mental standards will certainly decline if culture becomes completely consumed by material excess, if we regress exponentially eventually we will adopt a warlike mentality. We are almost there as there is a constant battle with the past, a desire for new product and ever greater profit.

The collateral casualties are those who have studied and learnt a craft, centred round a particular technology who suddenly find their skills have become redundant, rendered obsolete like the previous years model, superseded to feed an appetite for something ‘new’ when no actual ‘improvements’ have been made. Genuine innovation gets sidelined when change is merely superficial.

This explains the feedback loop of retro consciousness. Each tape attempts to describe these fractal processes, rules are followed then broken, anarchy is allowed to rein supreme for a moment then contained, there is the perspective of the observer witnessing the flaying of uncontrolled technology screaming forth.

The sound conveys the provocative, corrupted, distorted view using techniques such as overdriving or equalising in atonal amounts. The architecture of ancient machines is exposed and abused. The time signiture is illegible as currents of electricity are steered through resisters and diodes at breakneck speed.

Each segment is hand made, improvised, there are numerous and various participants, machines obsolete and noisy are utilised to describe to a blindfolded person the parameters of the great mechanism of civilisation that we all inhabit and conspire to propel. Art or noise? Spin a coin to decide but which side will you choose, which side of the cassette tape?


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