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May 16, 2009
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There are many relationships that can be observed winding between the most popular sounds of the moment and whats going on at large, I always thought that the obsession with house music and the economic housing boom had some kind of strange connection, this is an obvious one but there are countless others, we act as a herd when viewed as a whole.

The role that music plays in peoples lives has changed a lot from the days of vinyl and reel to reel tapes where a lot of liberating views now associated with the ‘sixties’ and ‘pop music’ meandered their way through peoples hi-fi’s into their living rooms, pop music was cool because it touched upon these issues, either intentionally or unintentionaly. Now that the ipod and mp3 has taken unlimited amounts of recorded music out onto the streets, people use it more as a defence shield to help protect them against the media barrage of adverts and promotions, rather than listening to broaden their horizons.


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