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Any audio here can be remixed, fixed or altered, this is the basis of the novel, a story that evolves like a species, so said the unicorn on the lawn in front of the greenhouse, reflecting on the fact that the sounds are produced with the fullest modernist possibility in mind. Observe that temptation is the basis of evolution, those species that succumb to temptation to overcome all others, become extinct, sooner or later, or by next Friday at least, so feast on these facts while you can but the unicorn’s single horn swiped up and down cutting the still air neatly in two, so long as you give me a nod of appreciation, the cringing creature encourages the incidence of this kind of dada-ist noise everywhere, snake hips, a hisstory, a piss story with its own sound like an antique synth or tape machine, post a link to your tracks with Tape Noise on them.

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