hive verses ego

July 29, 2009
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The system veers between a need to follow rules and a need to be able to improvise, zig zag time lag, individual ability verses the ‘hive’ mentality. Having a mind of ones own, using your initiative always becomes the bug bear of any establishment and to a greater or lesser degree the apparatus of the ‘state’ becomes involved with extinguishing this kind of mentality. The state becomes the ‘state of mind’ of the governing status-quo that results when hive mentality predominates. Art can manifest itself as a kind of conduit of anti-establishment thought rather than mere decoration but inevitably the most popular art forms reflect the mood of people and how much faith they have in the predominate system at that point in time. What goes against the grain of thought is bound to grate, unless you also share in a feeling of ‘going against the grain’ of predominate thought. Any state will grow in power if enough people benefit from its mechanism to ensure its survival but if those who find they have power abuse it, then in turn the resulting state will end in collapse, usually by some grim set of circumstances.


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