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May 8, 2009
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Here is a tape noise diary of what occurs in the microcosmic world of conceptual tape manipulation. Distortion is the topic in question and now is its heyday. Guided by instinct, this is the magnifying lens peering into the pool of peer pressure and high expectation.

Music is the metaphor and through its contortions a sonic novel emerges. It is constructed like a gigantic modular synth, full of the connections and processes that constitute the rapid rapport of rationality. A long drone of tones and tableau This is what really keeps the tape turning round, like a huge reel to reel tape machine spinning and stretching the tapes of wrath that spin round the black whole that goes into the inner core of brain tissue. It connects selfish indulgent interests and personal concerns with the worlds ego sphere, a paranoid poetical politi-kill peace of mind, a shared space of inner ignorance, as these are the instincts that drive the market of consumer capitalism, if everybody bought only what they needed it would collapse.

We can embrace technology and tap out a tribal rhythm on a vintage Roland tr 808 instead of a typewriter or canvas. Culture is some kind of deeply perplexing fusion of all things going on -like a fundamental mix of genres, science, new age, religion, crack pot polemic all blended and filtered through a band pass media, with added commercial resonance further enhancing certain frequencies, at the expense or recompense of someone somewhere. Its good to keep moving no matter how frightening it is, this is zero point field theory, where threads of coincidence and incidence trip up the over idealistic.

This theory assumes that you can take any manufactured item and extrapolate it into an analytical breakdown on the state of things. The evolution of electronic musical instruments is particularly interesting because it tracks so perfectly the trajectory of design over function -sub divided by cost, a truely economic mathematics akin to Marxist theories of base and superstructure. So I subject their sound creating possibilities to a kind of archaeological process of scrutiny, thus I refer to icons of sound production in a fairly random way to illustrate points of view.

There is a kind of reverence extended towards these machines similar to the great texts of our era, we treat them like holy grails and sacred arp odysseys. They have a kind of symbolic significance like tribal relics. In reaction to the philosophical predicament that we find ourselves in, where political power has lost its way and it really needs to return to its philosophical roots, we venerate these examples of classic design.

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