Schizophrenic blocker

August 30, 2009
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Bring out the schizophrenic blocker, a bit of a shocker, the name dropper, knocker on the door that opens up the great plain, the winding path, mountains so massive the earth would roll down their side like a ball of string,

a spring, a water fall full of flash folk throwing out empty cans. The can of worms that earns you a fortune, writhing and diving deep into them selves, their smell reminds you of hell, a tolling bell, hold out your hands, the lines on your palms paint more than the future, they paint a picture of your potential,

the future intrinsically in the palm of your hand, handed to you on a plate as it were or was or will be. If you can see the way then say, don’t hide it away, the madness path is trodden slowly in the dark but it could be the spark that illuminates the next day the break of new light far more revealing.

Dawn is a dreamer and I’m stealing your mind away from mundane doubts about the mortgage the marriage the MOT, feel free to live a little more, for inside the mind you can find all sorts of crazy things.

Evolution has made the brain, has taught us how to train ourselves to see beyond the bond of physical reality, inside the mind there is the chance to control everything that the universe holds, the biggest thing of course is the rock and roll of the black hole, the pole down which the bitch of time that so unkind gets lost, is thrust out, an age without entropy,

can you believe in this chance to cheat and deceive that snotty sleeve that leaves us feeling old and grey, out the way desperate for the day we breathe our last breath. A black hole inside your mind do you find this some how bizarre, somehow too far out.

Evolution is alive if you can learn to talk to it directly expect to be driven mad, imagine the whole of history whining and whinging its every pain with pure distain in your face but listen up, it will persuade you to slip up, take a short cut and save time for its mind by committing some heinous crime,

morality usually holds us back but morality is normality liable to change.


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