August 30, 2009
in Category: Noise poem
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Vibration, this earth is alive And if we are to survive We must revive our rustic ways Remember rotation is the Creation of fertility And an ability to fertilize our feelings without double dealing Is a nobility worth regarding Cultivate the resurrection of The organic connection A super string of events that Give vent to life’s energy An art of escape That wears a cape In a caper Or a crusade To invade the Values of respectability. The norms and conventions Of exterior inferior affiliation, A citation of explanation That no one understands But we all must bend To its command. Don’t raise the volume Of authority more Than is strictly necessary For too loud means You’re not allowed yourself Your self is a wealth, how rich Is your character compared To a car or a house or a Louse or a price to be paid For a trade or a rosy cheek Or a smile that’s meek? As earth revolves Worth evolves its Value and the true Course of this current Is a currency of colour A common wealth Of judgment that revels Only in wisdom.


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