Audio Book, Sonic Novel Extract

December 4, 2019
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Audio Book, Sonic Novel Extract


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Audio Book, the rise of the Electric Lucifiction, the modernist lure of super media sensation, technology is driven mainly by sales to the public, in the pursuit of pleasure, or labour saving devices, it used to be mainly driven by war. This is a $ell Story of affluence construction, poetry and noise, started the end of the 1980’s, this archive is now huge and completely unpublished. It avoids at all costs the cultural hierarchy of elitist legitimation, so you wont come across any reviews or acknowledgement in these circles. All such things are implicated in this story of fiscal dynamics. Monetary transactions determine an ever greater aspect of our species evolution, the flow of money is akin to some vibrant force that now determines our species destiny. Our actual dna is being shaped by these forces over time, the resultant pollution is altering our climate and toxins and plastics can be found everywhere, even in the deepest ocean. We are constantly caught up in the lives of those chasing this fiscal dragon of Super Celebrity. This is not a linear narrative, it changes daily with each new thread of evidence. If you can penetrate the membrane of dysfunctional binary code here, you can obtain an extract of the narrative, tendrils of knowledge are contained in physical formats, these are home burnt CDr’s with original hand drawn Artwork Sleeves, by obtaining one of these, you become a part of this story. The links wont work, so find a way to send a message.


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