September 7, 2010
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A ferric narrative of retronic sensibility, anon is the celebrity and anti-celebrity is the ethos, tape is an escape from the snake of make it, make up, make over. A type 2 tape loop stretched between ambition and insanity, a reel story to unravel at your leisure….


Tape noise cassette tapes examine the obscure random unintended nature of events, as they unfold in front of us like a richly woven tapestry full of bullet holes, that no one knows how they got there. Analyse the home grown, the home groan, hand made mission, a real missionary position, this is a sonic novel soundtrack that introduces the story of the $ell, a speculative fictional theory about evolving time composed of nothing but space, as it thermodynamically moves from a pure void to a teeming culture of competing value systems.

How is its capital value manifested in our surrounding culture? Drawing on contemporary ideas of people like Terence McKenna but also tapping into the deep veins of ideologue from great such as Nietzsche, a sonic/sensibility mash up self occurs that conflicts with ‘established value’. Eventualities prescribed by experts, when expertise is just a trapeze in the circus. Rather than a linear project, it is divided up into shapes like a jigsaw, to be assembled as you see fit.

There has been a steady production run of tape wound sounds and pictures, interspersed with sporadic performances over the last quarter century or more, this site documents some of the rhetoric behind this organically hammered production. Step inside the mind of this incredible $ell that we communicate with on a daily basis, using a language of electronic waveforms and binary codes. It always bends round the corner like a learning curve, a swerve round the sides of the square peg panopticon, the super store maze full of pop corn flavours and beastly favours..

Distraction is the abstraction of monotony..

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